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 BDE online certificate course


After graduating from the  BDE course in Safe Driving School you can get your Driver License History from Service Ontario as proof of successful completion of the course. DLH is widely recognized by the insurance industry and you may be eligible for insurance discount.

Step 1

BDE Online  Training course

  • 20 hours online instruction (at your convenience).

  • 10 hours online home links ( at your convenience).

  • You can finish the online classes in as fast as 6 days.

  • The maximum time to finish the online class is 8 months after registration.

Step 2

In the Car Training

  • 10 hours private  one on one in-car G2 lessons.

  • Free pick up and drop off at home.

  • Defensive driving instructions.

  • Learn evasive maneuvers.

  • Learn skid control and braking techniques.

  • The normal way takes up to maximum of 2 months to finish 10 hours road lessons depends on our instructor availability.

  • Pay extra 150$+HST to finish 10 hours road lessons in express booking as fast as 2 weeks.


Pricing Table

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you between normal way and fast track.

Limited time offer , Save 13% on Tax

Normal way


3 installments payments

50$ to register for the course

400$ to start your road lessons

300$  on class 6 of the road lessons

10 Hours Driving

30 Hours online Class

Around 2 months to finish road lessons

Car is not included for road test

Fast track


2 installments payments

50$ to register for course

850$ as soon as you confirm all 10 hours appointments

10 Hours Driving

30 hours online class

Between 10 days to 2 weeks to finish road lessons

Car is not included for road test

Online registration for certificate course

Last Name*

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Street address on your driving license

City on your license

Postal Code

Driving license number

Date of issue

Date of expiry

Finish 10 hours G2 lessons in

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